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Important tips to create an animation

Picture of Eliza  Martin
Important tips to create an animation
by Eliza Martin - Thursday, 30 January 2020, 2:11 PM

People always look out for dos and don’ts, when they are on the verge of starting something new, or something that they have never done before! If you also a beginner, on the verge of creating an animation, you should follow, the simple things told by most animation Studios in Los Angeles, which are:

1.       Create a storyboard for whatever your idea maybe, it will help you to plan and structure your video properly

2.       Do not indulge in many types of animation to create one

3.       Decide which type of animation you want to create

4.       Look out for more creative ways to make your animations interesting

Did you find these dos and don’ts helpful?

Picture of David C
Re: Important tips to create an animation
by David C - Saturday, 1 February 2020, 1:15 AM

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Re: Important tips to create an animation
by Wayne Greene - Sunday, 3 May 2020, 8:31 AM

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Re: Important tips to create an animation
by Gilbert sho - Saturday, 9 May 2020, 5:51 AM
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Re: Important tips to create an animation
by Cruzl Heena - Friday, 15 May 2020, 6:41 AM

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