Topic outline

  • Getting Started

    We know that learning is only truly meaningful when it is personal and when the learners are active participants in shaping their learning. By offering students an opportunity to be co-creators of curriculum and learning, educators can engage learners in lasting and meaningful experiences. By becoming active listeners, educators can create an environment that is learner centered and recognizes that we teach students, not subjects. This course was created to help educators better understand the current research supporting personalized instruction and to introduce methods to increase student choice and voice in the classroom. 

  • Student Choice and Voice

    By the end of this course, you should be able to:
    • Explain what is meant by student choice and voice
    • Explain student self-efficacy and describe its role in student learning
    • Describe what student choice looks like in a classroom
    • Understand how formative assessment can be used to increase student voice in the classroom
    • Understand that there are multiple pathways students can pursue to the same common objective, thus increasing the opportunity for student choice in the classroom